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Hi-Performance Products, Inc., one of the leading integrated suppliers of hi-tech, heat resistant products for industrial and safety markets, offers a unique line of HI-SHIELD multi-layered aluminized fabrics. HI-SHIELD incorporates the latest advancements in polymer science and aerospace technology in a unique proprietary process – the HI-SHIELD MLA, or Multi-Layer Aluminization process begins with a high quality base fabric, to produce a customized technical textile which will provide outstanding protection against both convection and radiant heat as well as flame and molten metal splash. All HI-SHIELD MLA Fabrics offer the same 2000°F, 95% Radiant Heat protection, with the convective and maximum temperature limit customized through the selection of the proper substrate fabric.

HI-SHIELD Applications

For fabrication of radiant fire suits for civil, military, emergency services and homeland security. Removable insulation systems, heat shields and fire barriers, fire protection, transportation and equipment protection, industrial high temperature safety apparel; hoods, aprons, jackets and gloves and mitts.


Light weight with higher thermal insulation properties

Manufactured from a very light weight, texturized DE-glass into a balanced plain weave with Oil & Water Resist PTFE coating (OWR), HI-SHIELD 302 is intended as an insulating high heat outer fabric used with liner materials such as FR Cotton or wool.


The lightest weight option for radiant heat protection

The substrate fabric is woven from high strength, continuous filament E-grade fiberglass; HI-SHIELD HPF621 is the lightest weight, MLA Fabric available. The same radiation protection as heavier weight fabrics, without the bulk, but the same 1000 F burn through protection of E-Grade fiberglass. Plain weave construction provides for an ultra smooth reflective surface, made from inorganic materials, it won’t smolder or produce hazardous out gassing.


Mid-weight fiberglass provides insulation and flexibility

Supporting maximum service temperatures to 1000°F, HI-SHIELD HPA601 offers a perfect blend of insulation protection (K-Value), with moderate levels of flexibility. Made from texturized DE fiberglass yarns, and coated OWR for improved abrasion resistance, flexual fatigue performance and reduced skin irritation, HPA601 provides the most economical solution for a wide range of high temperature heat shielding applications.


Strong, lightweight facing fabric

Made from continuous filament yarn, HI-SHIELD HPF407 is strong, thin, and lightweight, and is cost affective, performance equivalent alternative to FR Rayon. The twill weave provides strength and flexibility and a special OWR coating reduces abrasion wear, increases flex-fatigue resistance and prevents wicking of water and oils.


Maximize Burn-through protection with superior insulation

At a base fabric weight of 24osy, HI-SHIELD HPA801 is intended to maximize the insulation properties and offer the greatest level of protection against high heat as well as sparks and metal splatter. Well suited for industrial applications where the higher level of rigidity is also advantageous such as industrial Heat shields.

HPPSHIELD HPF824 — Available March 2009

Tough and conformable facing fabric

Made from continuous fi lament plied fiberglass e-yarns, with an 8 harness satin weave, HI-SHIELD HPF824 is the strongest, yet most conformable aluminized fiberglass fabric available. HI-SHIELD HPF824 exhibits exceptional tear and puncture resistance, while offering ideal seam strength making it the fabric of choice for aluminized gloves, hoods and industrial aprons.

HPPSHIELD Multi-Level Aluminization Process (MLA)

The HI-SHIELD –MLA process uses vapor deposition to apply fine, highly reflective aluminum particles on both sides of a high temperature polymer film which is them bonded to the fabric substrate with a proprietary adhesive system which is activated through the use of heat and pressure. The combination of thermal, chemical and mechanical bonded results in an integrated finish fabric which will not delaminate under any normal flexing conditions. The resulting fabric exhibits the highest achievable level of radiant reflectivity, chemical and moisture resistance, and thermal protection. Most fabrics have been tested and surpass the highest level ratings of the EN 531, performance standard.


Cut and abrasion resistance radiant heat protection

The base fabric is HI-SHIELD CS-Kevlar, a core-spun Aramid/Fiberglass yarn, plain weave fabric. Z-Flex K-750 is ideal for mid-temperature applications. With the greatest cut and wear resistance the aluminized HI-SHIELD K-750 is used in applications ranging from fire fighting suits to hot glass handling in glass blowing and manufacturing operations.


Flexible FR Rayon in Basket and Twill weaves

When a low temperature substrate fabric is acceptable, HI-SHIELD R-580 and R-581 can be the fabric of choice. Traditional used in Firefighting approach apparel, This fabric offers the best flex, Traditional used in Firefighting approach apparel, This fabric offers the best flex, and comfort of any woven material and is extremely easy to cut and sew.

HPPSHIELD Custom Fabrics

The HI-SHIELD-MLA process has proven to be a high quality, high versatile process that can be easily adopted to a broad range of substrate fabrics. While HPP will be expanding our standard grade offering, several custom run aluminized fabrics are already available and special coating services available.
HI-SHIELD TEXTURIZED MLA FABRICS - Physical & Performance Properties
TEXTURIZED FABRICSWeaveFinished Weight (oz/yd2)Base Weight (oz/yd2)Thickness (mils)Width (Inches)Abrasion EN 388 : 2003Tear Resistance EN 388 : 2003Flame Spread EN532 : 1992Molten Metal Splash EN 407 : 2004
HPA302Plain12.510.52560100-500 rubs113N x 125NNo flaming29 drops (mean)
Level 1Level 4No afterglowLevel 3
HPA601Plain21193560500-2000 rubs163N x 161NNo flaming31 drops (mean)
Level 2Level 4No afterglowLevel 3
HPA801Plain26245240> 8000 rubs112N x 126NNo flaming30 drops (mean)
Level 4Level 4No afterglowLevel 3
HI-SHIELD FILAMENT MLA FABRICS - Physical & Performance Properties
FILAMENT FABRICSWeaveFinished Weight (oz/yd2)Base Weight (oz/yd2)Thickness (mils)Width (Inches)Abrasion EN 388 : 2003Tear Resistance EN 388 : 2003Flame Spread EN532 : 1992Molten Metal Splash EN 407 : 2004
HPF621Plain86960< 100 rubs72N x 85NNo flaming21 drops (mean)
No LevelLevel 3No afterglowLevel 2
HPF4074HS14.512.51960100-500 rubs142N x 163NNo flaming24 drops (mean)
Level 1Level 4No afterglowLevel 2
HPK750Plain19176360500-2000 rubs153N x 248NNo flaming 48 drops (mean)
Level 2Level 4No afterglowLevel 4
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