P/N: HPSM-50VB In today’s state-of–the-art Membrane Pressing & Vacuum Bagging facilities, a high performance silicone membranes and silicone blankets are required. To meet this requirement, HPSM-50VB was formulated. This particular formulation was produced specifically for Woodworking Membrane Pressing & Aerospace Composite facilities throughout the world. Currently, our Silicone Membranes & Silicone Blankets are produced without any seam up to 74” wide. They feature high elongation, high tear strength, and low compression set. They are generally produced with a super fine fabric finish on both sides. This finish is highly sought after because of its ability to very quickly wick out all air during Vacuum procedures. Smooth finish is also available. These Silicone Membranes & Silicone Blankets have amazing reusability, durability, and also have extraordinary “Drawdown” strength and resiliency. This makes its performance remarkable when exposed to the high pressures and elevated temperatures they encounter during membrane pressing.

Primary Features

Shore (A) Hardness  50 +/-5
Tensile Strength  1300PSI
Elongation at Break 800 %
Modulus at 300% Elongation    400 ppi
Tear Strength    240 ppi
Compression Set (22hrs @ 350F) 19% 19%
Available Thickness .031”, .062”, .085”, .125” 
Surface Finish: 2-Sides Fine Fabric Finish
  or 2-Sides smooth

The above values are typical properties and are provided for information only. They should not be used to set specification requirements. It is up to the end user to determine whether the material is suitable for the intended application.