HPP Custom Made Curtains

HPP custom-made proscenium fire safety curtains are designed for use in theaters, stages, school auditoriums and other public performance areas. Most city and state-mandated building codes require the use of these curtains, which are lowered in the event of a fire on stage and protect audiences against flames, heat, and smoke as the area is evacuated. Fabricated from asbestos-free HPPlus, our curtains have been tested to ensure they exceed nationally recognized model fire codes.


New installations or replacement of existing asbestos or other curtains in proscenium theaters, stages, auditoriums, schools, and public performance areas



Listed and approved by the California State Fire Marshall (Listing No. 1670-1164:101) and New York City Department of Buildings (List Number MEA 212-08-M) for use as Proscenium Fire Safety Curtains.


Meet or exceed most national and local building codes, including IBC 2000, 2006; UBC 1991, 1994/97; SBCCI 1991, 1997; BOCA 1991, 1994/96; Life Safety 1991, 2003.


Made from asbestos-free HPPlus, which resists fire, heat, and smoke.


Available with our without wire insertion.


Custom-made based on your stage dimensions and requirements.


Shipped fan-folded with mounting hardware for ease of installation.


Available in tan or black.


Contact HPP if you are looking for a complete rigging solution, and we can recommend a trusted partner.

Brail Type Curtains

Used when the space above the proscenium is half or less than the height of the proscenium opening. Stored accordion-folded above the proscenium.

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Open Mesh

Straight Lift Curtains

Simpler design used when the space above the proscenium is at least twice the height of the proscenium opening. Stored straight (without folds) above the proscenium.

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Open Mesh

HPPlus Smoke Seals

Designed to close the gap between the fire curtain and proscenium wall, preventing smoke from escaping and reaching the audience.

HPPlus Borders

Wrapped around stage lights to protect stage curtains from potential damage or risk of fire.


HPPlus fire curtains have been tested using the procedures below to ensure they meet or exceed most building code requirements for performance of proscenium fire curtains. Tests were performed by Intertek Testing Services/Warnock Hersey, an approved test facility. Listing agencies include the California State Fire Marshal’s Office and New York City Department of Buildings.


Test Procedure

Fire Endurance

ASTM E119 (UBC 43-1, NFPA 251, UL 263)

Flame Spread/Smoke Density

ASTM E84-89a (UBC 42-1, NFPA 255, UL 723)

Tensile Strength (Breaking Strength)

ASTM D-1682-64