HPPSTIK Fiberglass-Foil Tape

HPPSTIK HP06004 and HP06005 are manufactured from a laminate of aluminum foil and silicone adhesive impregnated fiberglass cloth. HP 06004 is used in applications where high temperatures and/or abrasion are issues. HP06005 is used to mask parts during thermal spray applications, and because of the abrasion resistance of the aluminum foil, is effective when used in the HVOF process.

HP2925 and HP299511R are manufactured from aluminum foil laminated to fiberglass cloth with a high-temperature silicone adhesive on one side. HP2925 performs as a plasma or flame spray masking tape, allowing areas to be free of grit blasting and the plasma spray coating. Its high-temperature resistance makes it ideal for heat and reflective tapes, and it is used in aerospace and automotive markets as a wire harness bundling tape in engine components.

HP2925 is also used as a sound and vibration dampening product. HP299511R is designed for extremely high demand thermal spray applications such as HVOF and High Detonation Systems. It provides excellent abrasion and temperature resistance and conforms very well to a wide variety of surface configurations.

HPPSTIK Fiberglass-Foil Tape

Part #ColorAdhes. SystemBacking ThicknessAdhesive ThicknessTotal ThicknessAdhesion StrengthTensile StrengthElong.Temperature Range
   milmmmilmmmilmmoz/ing/cmlbs/inkg/cm%Min °FMax °FMin °CMax °C
HP06004 AlumS2.50.0643.50.08980.2036066115528.1---100500-73260