PTFE Coated Fiberglass and Fabrics

HPP P/NGradeClassificationDescriptionWidth in.WeightActual Thickness
HPPGLAS Premium Series      
HP003 39.5inHPPGLAS Electrical GradeElectricalElectrical 3 MIL39.55.20.0035
HP0101BC 39.5inHPPGLAS Electrical GradeElectricalElectrical 11 MIL39.517.10.0112
HPPGLAS Premium Series      
HP103 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium Grade Premium 3 MIL39.54.40.0032
HP103 49.5inHPPGLAS Premium Grade Premium 3 MIL49.54.40.0032
HP103 59.5inHPPGLAS Premium Grade Premium 3 MIL59.54.40.0032
HP103BT 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeBondablePremium 3 MIL39.54.50.0032
HP103AS 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeAnti-StaticPremium 3 MIL39.54.30.0031
HP103BC 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeDark Brown ColorPremium 3 MIL39.54.40.0032
HP103TR 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeTear ResistantPremium 3 MIL39.54.30.0032
HP105 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium Grade Premium 5 MIL39.580.0052
HP105BT 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeBondablePremium 5 MIL39.58.10.0053
HP105 49.5inHPPGLAS Premium Grade Premium 5 MIL49.580.0052
HP105AS 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeAnti-StaticPremium 5 MIL39.580.0052
HP1052BC39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeDark Brown ColorPremium 5 MIL39.580.0052
HP106 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium Grade Premium 6 MIL39.59.20.006
HP106 49.5inHPPGLAS Premium Grade Premium 6 MIL49.59.20.006
HP1062BC 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeDark Brown ColorPremium 6 MIL39.59.20.0061
HP1062BCBT 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeDark Brown Color/BondablePremium 6 MIL39.59.30.0062
HP106TR 43.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeTear ResistantPremium 6 MIL43.59.20.006
HP106TR 53inHPPGLAS Premium GradeTear ResistantPremium 6 MIL539.20.006
HP1081BC 37.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeDark Brown ColorPremium 8 MIL37.510.50.0076
HP110 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium Grade Premium 10 MIL39.515.90.0101
HP1101AS 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeAnti-StaticPremium 10 MIL39.515.90.0101
HP1101BC 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeDark Brown ColorPremium 10 MIL39.515.90.0101
HP114 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium Grade Premium 14 MIL39.521.250.014
HP1163 120inHPPGLAS Premium GradeSpecialtyPremium 16 MIL12023.50.016
HPPGLAS Standard Series      
HP203 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 3 MIL39.53.90.003
HP203 49.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 3 MIL49.53.90.003
HP203 59.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 3 MIL59.53.90.003
HP203 79.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 3 MIL79.53.90.003
HP205 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 5 MIL39.57.40.0048
HP205 49.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 5 MIL49.57.40.0048
HP205 59.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 5 MIL59.57.40.0048
HP205TR 43.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeTear ResistantStandard 5 MIL43.57.40.0048
HP205TR 53inHPPGLAS Standard GradeTear ResistantStandard 5 MIL537.40.0048
HP2052AS 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeAnti-StaticStandard 5 MIL39.580.0052
HP2052ASBT 39.5inHPPGLAS Premium GradeAnti-Static / BondableStandard 5 MIL39.580.0052
HP2052BC 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeDark BrownStandard 5 MIL39.580.0052
HP2052BCBT 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeDark Brown Color/BondableStandard 5 MIL39.580.0052
HP2052TR 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeTear ResistantStandard 5 MIL39.57.50.0052
HP2052TR 43.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 5 MIL43.57.50.0052
HP206 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 6 MIL39.58.550.0055
HP2062TR 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeTear ResistantStandard 6 MIL39.58.50.0055
HP210 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 10 MIL39.514.60.0094
HP210BT 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeBondableStandard 10 MIL39.514.60.0094
HP210 49.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 10 MIL49.514.60.0092
HP210 60.0inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 10 MIL59.514.60.0092
HP2101 80inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 10 MIL80150.0099
HP2101BC 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeBrown ColorStandard 10 MIL39.514.60.0096
HP2101BCBT 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeDark Brown Color/BondableStandard 10 MIL39.514.70.0098
HP210AS 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeAnti-StaticStandard 10 MIL39.514.60.0091
HP2101TR 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeTear ResistantStandard 10 MIL39.514.60.01
HP210-2 60.0inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 10 MIL59.514.750.0101
HP2102AS 60.0inHPPGLAS Standard GradeAnti-StaticStandard 10 MIL59.514.750.0101
HP214 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 10 MIL39.5200.0135
HP2141AS 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeAnti-StaticStandard 13 MIL39.5200.0135
HP2141AS 60.0inHPPGLAS Standard GradeAnti-StaticStandard 13 MIL59.5200.0135
HP2141BC 39.5inHPPGLAS Standard GradeBrown ColorStandard 13 MIL39.5200.0135
HP2141 60.0inHPPGLAS Standard Grade Standard 13 MIL59.5200.0135
C2163AS 158inHPPGLAS Standard GradeAnti-StaticStandard 16 MIL158200.016
HPPGLAS Mechanical Series      
HP303 39.5inHPPGLAS Mechanical Grade Mechanical 3 MIL39.53.540.0028
HP305 39.5inHPPGLAS Mechanical Grade Mechanical 5 MIL39.56.50.0043
HP305TR 43.5inHPPGLAS Mechanical GradeTear ResistantMechanical 5 MIL43.86.20.0043
HP305TR 52.5inHPPGLAS Mechanical GradeTear ResistantMechanical 5 MIL52.56.20.0043
HP310 39.5inHPPGLAS Mechanical Grade Mechanical 10 MIL39.513.550.0087
HP310XPSHPPGLAS Mechanical Grade Mechanical 10 MIL10213.450.0087
HP314 39.5inHPPGLAS Mechanical Grade Mechanical 13 MIL39.518.60.013
HPPGLAS Economy Series      
HP403 39.5inHPPGLAS Economy Grade Economy 3 MIL39.53.150.0026
HP403 49.5inHPPGLAS Economy Grade Economy 3 MIL49.53.150.0026
HP403 60.0inHPPGLAS Economy Grade Economy 3 MIL59.53.150.0026
HP403 79.5inHPPGLAS Economy Grade Economy 3 MIL79.53.150.0026
HP405 39.5inHPPGLAS Economy Grade Economy 5 MIL39.55.750.0042
HP410 39.5inHPPGLAS Economy Grade Economy 10 MIL39.512.50.0082
HP410 49inHPPGLAS Economy Grade Economy 10 MIL49.512.50.0082
HP414 39.5inHPPGLAS Economy Grade Economy 14 MIL39.517.30.013
HPPGLAS Porous Series      
HP902 37.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 2 MIL37.51.350.0018
HP903C1 37.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 3 Class I37.51.750.0026
HP903C1 49.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 3 Class I49.51.750.0026
HP903C1 60.0inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 3 Class I59.51.750.0026
HP903C1 79.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 3 Class I79.51.750.0026
HP903C2 37.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 3 Class II37.51.950.0026
HP903C2 49.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 3 Class II49.51.950.0026
HP903C2 60.0inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 3 Class II59.51.950.0026
HP903C2 79.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 3 Class II79.51.950.0026
HP903C3 37.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 3 Class III37.52.350.0026
HP903C3 49.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 3 Class III49.52.350.0026
HP905 39.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 5 MIL39.54.20.0049
HP908 37.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 8 MIL37.55.050.007
HP910C1 44inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 10 MIL Class I446.950.0072
HP910C1 60inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 10 MIL Class I59.56.950.0072
HP910-C2 43inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 10 MIL Class II43  
HP910-C2 54inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 10 MIL Class II54  
HP910C3 39.5inHPPGLAS Porous Grade Porous 10 MIL Class III39.59.250.0075
HPP Aramid KEVLAR Series      
KCF05 49.5inHPPGLAS AramidKEVLARKCF 5 MIL49.570.006
KCF05AS 49.5inHPPGLAS AramidAnti-Static KEVLARKCF 5 MIL49.570.006
KCF10 49.5inHPPGLAS AramidKEVLARKCF 10 MIL49.5110.0012
KCF10AS 49.5inHPPGLAS AramidAnti-Static KEVLARKCF 10 MIL49.5110.0012
KCF17HW 58inHPPGLAS AramidHeavy Weight KEVLARKCF 17 MIL58200.017
KCF17AS 70inHPPGLAS AramidAnti-Static KEVLARKCF 17 MIL70180.017
HPPLAM Lamiante Fabric Series      
HP3300U 37.5inHPPLAM Ultra 9 MIL Laminate BR/NA37.512.50.0088
HP3300U 49.5inHPPLAM Ultra 9 MIL Laminate BR/NA4912.50.0088
HP3320U 37.5inHPPLAM Ultra 10 MIL Laminate BR/BK37.5170.011
HP3320U 49inHPPLAM Ultra 10 MIL Laminate BR/BK49170.011
HP3300SU 37.5inHPPLAM Ultra 9 Mil Laminate Silver37.512.50.0088
HP3300SU 49inHPPLAM Ultra 9 Mil Laminate Silver4912.50.0088
HP3320SU 37.5inHPPLAM Ultra 11 Mil Laminate Silver37.5170.011
HP3320SU 49inHPPLAM Ultra 11 Mil Laminate Silver49170.011
HP3320SN 37.5inHPPLAM Silver 10 Mil Laminate Silver37.514.30.0101
HP3320SN 49inHPPLAM Silver 10 Mil Laminate Silver4914.30.0101
TP100 37.5inHPPLAM Standard 4 Mil Laminate Brown37.55.60.0042
TP100 49.5inHPPLAM Standard 4 Mil Laminate Brown49.55.60.0042
TP200 37.5inHPPLAM Standard 6 Mil Laminate Brown37.58.80.0058
TP200 49inHPPLAM Standard 6 Mil Laminate Brown498.80.0058
TP200C 37.5inHPPLAM Standard 6 Mil Laminate Copper37.58.80.0058
TP300 37.5inHPPLAM Standard 10 Mil Laminate Brown37.513.40.0095
TP300 49.5inHPPLAM Standard 10 Mil Laminate Brown49.513.40.0095
TP300C 37.5inHPPLAM Standard 10 Mil Laminate Copper37.513.40.0095
HPPGLAS Fiberglass Open Mesh Series      
HP1580 118inHPPGLAS Open Mesh 22 MIL Open Mesh11814.70.022
HP1589 110inHPPGLAS Open Mesh 30 MIL Open Mesh11013.50.03
HP1590 175inHPPGLAS Open Mesh 33 MIL Open Mesh175130.033
HP1590HW 175inHPPGLAS Open MeshHeavy Weight33 MIL Open Mesh17515.50.033
HP1590UVR 175inHPPGLAS Open MeshBlack UV Resistant33 MIL Open Mesh175130.033
HP3790 141inHPPGLAS Open Mesh 43 MIL Open Mesh141140.043
HPPGLAS Heavy Belting Series      
HP183 62inHPPGLAS Heavy Belting 24 MIL Heavy Belting62210.024
HP183AS 60inHPPGLAS Heavy BeltingAnti-Static24 MIL Heavy Belting60210.024
HP183M 98inHPPGLAS Heavy Belting 24 MIL Heavy Belting9834.50.024
HP1584 62inHPPGLAS Heavy Belting 36 MIL Heavy Belting62340.036
HP1584 66inHPPGLAS Heavy Belting 36 MIL Heavy Belting66340.036
HP1584SP 60inHPPGLAS Heavy BeltingSpecial37 MIL Heavy Belting60500.037
HP1544 155inHPPGLAS Heavy Belting 26 MIL Heavy Belting155270.026
HP1565 153inHPPGLAS Heavy Belting 24 MIL Heavy Belting153290.024
HP313X 89inHPPGLAS Heavy Belting 26 MIL Heavy Belting89310.026
HP313X 155inHPPGLAS Heavy Belting 26 MIL Heavy Belting155310.026
HP313XK 174inHPPGLAS Heavy BeltingGlass/KEVLAR Blend30 MIL Heavy Belting174340.03
HPN2A 150inHPPGLAS Heavy Belting 28 MIL Heavy Belting15038.50.028
HP7544 152inHPPGLAS Heavy Belting 31 MIL Heavy Belting152300.031
HP7544FLEX 152inHPPGLAS Heavy BeltingSuper Flex31 MIL Heavy Belting152300.031
HPP Aramid KEVLAR Open Mesh      
KCF1000 162inAramid Kevlar Open Mesh 62 MIL Open Mesh162190.062
KCF1590 168inAramid Kevlar Open Mesh 30 MIL Open Mesh16870.03
KCF800 75inAramid Kevlar Open Mesh 34 MIL Open Mesh75120.034
HPP Aramid Nomex Open Mesh      
NCF1590 168inAramid Nomex Open Mesh 70 MIL Open Mesh168180.07
NCF2000 92inAramid Nomex Open Mesh 85 MIL Open Mesh92370.085

Delivery: 1-4 weeks ARO if out of stock, or as arranged based on volume.